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The Case for a Daily Electrolyte

The Case for a Daily Electrolyte

Do you feel worn out, run down, low on energy?  Do you experience muscle cramps, have dry skin or nails, and cold hands and feet? 

Using a daily electrolyte may help with these symptoms.

Electrolytes are mineral salts carried by water that direct fluid inside and outside cells throughout your body.  Since these salts work together, think of them like a team consisting of four first string players: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium and four second string players: phosphorus, sulfur, bicarbonate and chloride.  These electrolyte salts play both offense and defense building good hydration, healthy blood pressure and circulation while defending against cramping, infection, mental fogginess and fatigue.

Electrolytes provide the electrical current that activates nerve transmissions in your muscles and heart.  Electrolytes are the building blocks for hormones; they nourish bones, skin, nails and hair.  They help with digestion and keep you regular. Electrolytes are natures original anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents.  Research indicates that electrolytes impact mental health, including depression and anxiety.  ‘Hydrated’ is an inadequate term to describe these expansive benefits.

Let’s take blood pressure as an example of Team Salts working together.  As a general rule, sodium can raise blood pressure and potassium can lower blood pressure.  Magnesium and calcium then play a role in regulating the sodium to potassium ratio.  High or low blood pressure indicates an electrolyte imbalance; either too much sodium in your system or too much potassium in the absence of each other. 

We get electrolytes from the fluids we drink and the food we eat.  A poor or imbalanced diet, not drinking enough fluids, drinking too much water, or drinking only distilled water can create electrolyte deficiencies.  Exercise, sweating, drinking alcohol, eating lots of sugar and taking drugs or medications can cause dehydration and deplete electrolytes or create an electrolyte imbalance.

Use Lyte Balance, designed as an every day electrolyte, to help combat these symptoms & start feeling better today.

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