Curious about the minerals in Lyte Balance and how each one aids in hydration?

Each mineral salt plays a specific role and there are 7 in our electrolytes.

Sodium, potassium and magnesium are the major ones along with the minerals phosphorus, chloride, sulfur, and bicarbonate.

Sodium is the major mineral that lives mostly outside the cell. Potassium is the major mineral that lives mostly inside the cell. Magnesium lives on the membrane in the middle. Chloride brings water into the system. Sulfur squeezes water out of the system. Phosphorus feeds the cells and bicarbonate adds oxygen. The 3 main minerals with 4 endings give the kidney 21 possible combinations to use throughout the body covering every possible hydration need in your body. Lyte Balance hydrates you from the inside out.

The goal of good hydration is getting the right proportion of water and electrolytes to fit the demands of your body and your life. Drinking enough water each day is the first step for hydration. Adding a balanced electrolyte supplement like LYTE BALANCE can add the crucial electrolyte minerals for optimal circulation, fluid balance and true hydration. You may think you’re drinking enough water but daily life can dehydrate you and cause electrolyte loss or imbalances.

Dehydration & electrolyte imbalances occur every day due to:

01. illness or injury
02. surgery
03. side effects of medications (including chemotherapy)

04. high or low blood pressure
05. dietary imbalances
06. sweating from exercise, heat, and hormones

Building hydration takes time. Your body has the natural ability to heal. Combining rest, movement and nutrition will allow you to heal and feel better.