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Health Benefits

Our mission is total body wellness and the foundation of wellness starts with how well your body is hydrated. Your diet, exercise, sleep habits and how you manage stress all contribute to your health but if you’re not properly hydrated at your core with the right minerals the other factors that help achieve overall wellness may suffer. 
Lyte Balance hydrates your body so nutrients get delivered and waste gets removed. Lyte Balance delivers the electrical charge that runs your heart, nervous system and muscles. Lyte Balance calms the body using the mineral salts that relax muscles and improves circulation. This is the foundation for true healing power and overall wellness.   


Our 100% pure liquid minerals have zero preservatives, additives, or artificial sweeteners.  We offer six minerals that are pure, highly absorbable and essential to human health. They support all metabolic processes including heart function, enzyme production, and glucose management.

We are your personalized home health system. Create your own mix of minerals based on your taste score. Once you've found which nutrients your body is asking for, simply add recommended dose to a drink of your choice.

Taste N' Score minerals provide the tools needed to create a healthier lifestyle based on which minerals your body requires.  Learn how to use your taste preference to guide your health, with a simple taste test.  Taste N’ Score often to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Taste n’Score minerals are considered essential to human health.  Each mineral benefits your body and taken together their impact is greater than the sum of their parts.  Potassium, for example, works with magnesium to help control blood pressure and relax muscles.

Taking our Taste n’Score minerals together help with absorption and prevent you from over supplementing individual minerals.  For instance, taking too much zinc suppresses the absorption of magnesium and copper creating potential imbalances and deficiencies.

Our Taste n’Score minerals provide the opportunity to use your sense of taste to figure out which minerals YOUR body is asking for.  A simple taste preference test helps you create a personalized, Taste n’ Score mineral drink using all six minerals. Your taste preference can change due to diet, activity and stress.  Re-test often and adjust your Taste n’ Score Mineral drink accordingly.

Keep up with your body’s changing needs with the Taste n’Score mineral kit will ensure optimal benefits.



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