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Everyone wants to be healthy.  What health means is truly an individual matter. 

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Drink, eat, explore with Lyte Balance

Add a cap or two in beverages, smoothies, soup, eggs, even salad dressing. 

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Meet the magic makers

Tim Cunninghamm

Founder, CEO

Tim Cunninghamm has been a Health & Wellness development consultant for the Nutraceutical & Supplement industry since 1980. 

Favorite Lyte Balance drink:

Vanilla Steam- Lyte

Karen Nielsen

President, COO

Karen has a Masters Degree in Education in Guidance and Counseling (MEd) as well as a bachelor’s degree in Education from Eastern Washington University. 

Favorite Lyte Balance drink:

Hot Choco-Lyte

Kirk Haan

Mix Master

Kirk Haan has a Bachelors degree in Biology from Northern Michigan University.  

Favorite Lyte Balance Drink:

Coconut Milk - Lyte

Anna McKelvey

Director of Marketing

Anna earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology from Gonzaga University and has a colorful background as an entrepreneur.  

Favorite Lyte Balance drink:

Margarita - Lyte

We are a socially and environmentally conscious micro-enterprise with a focus on utilizing our natural senses of smell & taste to make smarter nutritional choices.

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Hydration Equation

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Minerals, Immunity and Infection

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