Cold and Flu Survival Guide – Lyte Balance
Cold and Flu Survival Guide

Cold and Flu Survival Guide

Winter is coming and so is the cold and flu season. If you haven’t already been there this year, chances are you will be at some point. And, by “there”, we mean on the couch with a box of tissues and some hot tea by your side. None of us like getting sick, but it’s all about how we care for our bodies when we are under the weather that makes all of the difference. 

We all wish there was a magic time machine in our living rooms that could zap us into our future, healthy selves when we have a cold, but at the end of the day the only real “cure” for a cold is rest, hydration, and making sure you are fueling your body appropriately. 

We have some tricks up our sleeves here at Lyte Balance headquarters and we want to share them with you. Below are all of the products and supplements that we choose to use ourselves so that we can kick our colds and get back to our lives.

Bone broth + Lyte Balance

bone broth, sick, under the weather, remedy, flu, cold, virus

There’s nothing better than hot soup when we’re sick, but did you know that the added collagen found in bone broth supports your gut health and immunity? Collagen can play a key role in making sure you are absorbing other nutrients properly, which is essential when we aren’t feeling well. Paired with the minerals in Lyte Balance, this hydrating and nutritious drink will support you when you need it most.

Zinc Supplements + Hot Tea

zinc, tea, healing, health, hydration, supplements

At the very start of your cold is the time to start increasing your zinc intake. Zinc is beneficial in reducing the severity of symptoms and can also help you recover faster. Our favorite way to incorporate zinc when we are feeling a cold come on is to make some green tea with lemon, Lyte Balance, and our Zinc Liquid Minerals. If you crave a little sweetness, don’t be afraid to squeeze in some honey, as it also has healing benefits. 

Steam Shower + Essential Oils

Steam showers are essential when your sinuses are blocked and your head is feeling like it might explode. Not only is there something so nostalgic about sitting in a steamy bathroom, but the added benefit of essential oils can help relieve congestion, open sinuses, and even offer additional benefits depending on the oils you use. 

There’s always the DIY-route when it comes to adding ingredients to your steam showers (like oils, homemade shower bombs, or herbs), but when you’re under the weather and can’t whip up a batch yourself, these Shower Steamers from Amazon are the perfect solution. You drop one on the floor of your shower and your room will be filled with healing steam.

Lyte Balance Electrolytes

electrolytes, kid friendly, sick, remedy, cold, flu

Staying hydrated should be your number one job when you’re sick. Not only do our symptoms, like fever and vomiting, increase our fluid loss when we’re ill, but our bodies need additional hydration to help loosen mucus in our airways and clear out our sinuses. Just water alone isn’t going to offer you as much benefit as increasing your electrolyte intake as well. You can do just that by using a product like Lyte Balance, which has just the right balance of electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium to replenish what your body is using. Adding just one little capful into a couple of your beverages during the day can make all of the difference when you’re sick and give your body the minerals that it needs. 

Cozy Bed

Your mom was right when she said “rest is the best medicine” as studies have shown that our bodies really do need more sleep when we are fighting off a cold or the flu. When we sleep our bodies are hard at work repairing, healing themselves, and strengthening our immune systems. In case you need to hear it, it’s okay to rest when you’re sick. In fact, it might be one of your best defenses when you’re down. 

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